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Paper cups with flexography

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Product Detail Information

Facilities info. 

l Number of Printing Machines

#1. Flexo * 8 units

#2. High-speed Flexo * 1 unit

#3. Gravure * 1 unit

#4. Offset * 1 unit

l Number of Molding Machines * 100 units

l Inspection Machines for Sanitation Facilities * 15 units

l Air Wash Rooms * 1 chamber

l Hand Sterilizer * 1 unit


Flow Manufacturing

l Coating → Design → Printing → Forming → Quality Inspection


Work Process

l Coating Operation

The process of making paper cups - first the paper coated with synthetic resin, polyethylene, is cut into a bottom shape and a side shape and then polyethylene is heated and molded into a paper cup shape.

l Printing, Cutting

#1. Offset

- Lithographic Printing/ Screen Ruling 175LPI

#2. Flexo

- Embossment Printing/ Screen Ruling 60LPI

#3. Gravure

- Intaglio Printing/ Screen Ruling 150LPI


l Molding Work

#1. Molding Chamber

- Molding Machines * 36 units [8oz, 10oz, 13oz, 20oz, etc.]

#2. Molding Chamber

- Molding Machines * 35 units [850cc, 1000cc, 1200cc, 2000cc, etc.]

#3. Molding Chamber

- Molding Machines * 21 units [5oz, 7oz, etc.]

l Quality Inspection

#1. Leak Test

- Liquid is put into the leak test cups to check leak.

#2. Tester

- Foreign objects and curl statuses are checked.

#3. Secondary inspection

- Before plastic package, foreign objects are inspected, contamination inspection is conducted, and production date is marked. (genuine quantitative confirmation)

Make Products

l For beverages (HOT & COLD), Paper cups

- 1oz to 92oz/ 110cc to 2300cc

l For beverages (HOT & COLD), Plastic cups

- 7oz to 24oz

l For beverages (HOT & COLD), Plastic lid

- Dome lid(Punched/ Non-Punched), Flat lid(Punched/ Non-Punched),

  8oz to 20oz(Standard, Opening-closing type)

l Plastic plate : Printed plate, etc.

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△ 8oz








△ 16oz(Drink)


△ 150cc


△ 470cc


△ 950cc

Product Detail Image

Paper cups

Paper cups