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All in one, Natural Skin care Cosmetics(3 in 1)

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Product Concept


l High quality ingredients 

- No Harmful ingredients, Uses Natural ingredients, FDA certified

- Proven with a skin imitation test,After selecting the high-quality ingredients.

- We are doing our best to produce high-quality products with these ingredients.

l Produce natural cosmetics

- Only natural cosmetics, which you can without worry and we are based on the natural ingredients.

l Resonable price

l Satisfaction of customers


Product line up


l Shocking Toner(Volume : 250ml) 

#1. 3 in 1 Multi Toner (Skin + Lotion+ Essence)

#2. No more complicated base make

- One is enough. Because It has functions with Skin, Lotion and Essence

#3. Soothes skin gently and provide moisture and nutrition

#4. Double effect of whitening and wrinkle improvement

#5. Maintains oil, Rich moisture and nutrition provide glowing skin look



l Shocking Pack(Volume : 100g)

#1. New concept multi pack all in one of Pore care, Scrub care, Cleansing care

#2. Proven effect by Blind test with 500 People

#3. Tightens pores firmly and remove sebum black & white head

#4. Hypoallerginic smooth scrub particle. Containe microcrystalline wax



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▲ Shoking Toner Ver.1 to Ver.4  





▲ Shoking Pack Ver.1 to Ver.4 ▲ 



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Natural Skin care Cosmetics

Natural Skin care Cosmetics

Natural Skin care Cosmetics